About us

Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design was born in 2015 out of the desire to follow up on what Fulvio De Simoni has been able to build up during his prestigious career.

The birth of this new company is the natural continuation of a path that began over twenty years ago, years in which Enrico Lotti and Cristiano Tonarelli began their close collaboration with the architect.
The passion for his work and the continuous search for new stimuli and challenges, which is expressed in the constant search for new and original ideas and projects, represent the precious legacy that Fulvio De Simoni has been able to transmit over the years and which still animates his work today.
Passion and ideas that are constantly nurtured by a team of young and valuable collaborators who bring a contribution of freshness and innovation.

Among our most recent works there are important projects for Pershing, Rossi Navi, Antonini Navi, Austin Parker, Rodman, Astondoa, Filippetti Yacht.

Enrico Lotti

Yacht designer and partner

Fulvio De Simoni

Yacht Designer and Founder

Cristiano Tonarelli

Yacht designer and partner